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Serger Needle Confusion…

I recently bought a new serger/coverstitch combination machine. My cover stitches were not consistent. I discovered my new machine called for and worked much better with ELx705 needles, which are not the same as 130/705 needles. I found ELx705 in sizes 80 and 90, with and without CF chrome finish, and with the option of a regular universal point or an SUK medium ball point. Schmetz’s color coding is so helpful but fails to distinguish an SUK serger needle from a regular universal point serger needle, so here is a tip to help you distinguish between them. The front groove extends farther up into the color coding on an SUK serger needle. The regular serger needle’s front groove ends below the color coding.

Needles are expensive but necessary and the right needle for the job is important. Typically SUK or ball point needles are recommended when sewing or serging knits. I could not verify this works for the Organ brand needles which offers both styles of serger needles but no color coding so I tend to go for Schmetz needles. Happy sewing.