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Cape Crusader

Like many of us, I had to overcome many obstacles over the last couple of months in my non-sewing life to allow me to complete my version of Seamwork’s Camden cape. It is made with wool and linen, and black lining. It is a size 24. I am 5’4″. I added welt pockets, bound buttonhole, and a “romantic” hood from Simplicity 8470. The welt pockets came from following post, The bound buttonhole took much experimentation.

The original neckline left me wanting more. I experimented with several collars, all which came out awkward as the neck was quite large. I then experimented with several hoods. The smaller more traditional hood, looked like the nipple on top of a baby’s bottle. The larger more relaxed hood, described as romantic by a commenter on facebook post, softened the austere top of cape, and added balance to overall look. This cape has spiced up my winter outerwear. I highly recommend it.