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  • Serger Needle Confusion…
    I recently bought a new serger/coverstitch combination machine. My cover stitches were not consistent. I discovered my new machine called for and worked much better with ELx705 needles, which are not the same as 130/705 needles. I found ELx705 in sizes 80 and 90, with and without CF chrome finish, and with the option of […]
  • 2023 Sewing Bee – Round 3 – CLOSET CORE PATTERNS 34 (MITCHELL TROUSERS)
    Sewing Bee Round 3 – Cargo Bottoms Entry At the beginning of every Sewing Bee Round, I compare the challenge to my sewing to-do list. The challenge was cargo bottoms, and on top of my sewing to-do list was, make another pair of Mitchell Trousers by Closet Core Patterns. The Mitchell Trousers pattern released last […]
  • 2023 Sewing Bee – Round 2 – Folkwear 270 (Metro Middy Blouse)
    Collars! As a short-necked person, I mostly avoid them. Continuing in my exploration of new embellishment techniques, I wanted a flat collar with plenty of room to show off some pretty stitches. The Metro Middy blouse pattern from Folkwear Patterns, with its V neck sailor collar, would be the perfect backdrop to showcase my decorative […]
  • 2023 Sewing Bee – Round 1 – 5 Out of 4 Patterns Nancy Raglan
    Knit dress with a twist I have been exploring new to me embellishment techniques recently. When this challenge was announced, I wondered how I could combine the “Knit Dress with a Twist” challenge with a new to me embellishment technique. I have several Alabama Chanin Design Studio books, which contain photos of amazing knit garments, […]
  • Sewing Organized
    I have been garment sewing for almost 10 years. I have two small bedrooms to house my sewing, and one of the bedrooms still has to function as a guest bedroom occasionally. Over the past few years I have invested time and money to get my sewing space and stash into an organized state, and […]