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  • Sewing Organized
    I have been garment sewing for almost 10 years. I have two small bedrooms to house my sewing, and one of the bedrooms still has to function as a guest bedroom occasionally. Over the past few years I have invested time and money to get my sewing space and stash into an organized state, and […]
  • Jalie 3906 Tania Coatigan
    The challenge was to make Jalie’s 3906 Tania Coatigan. The pattern is an unlined boxy mix between a coat and a cardigan. On my sewing to do list was a summer weight linen jacket to wear to an outdoor graduation ceremony coming up in a few weeks. My daughter is being presented with her PhD […]
  • Buttonholes!
    Buttonholes!!! Buttonholes! Okay, my first reaction was a bit panicked. Deep breaths. Read again. Buttonholes. “Sew an article of clothing with the buttonhole(s) being the primary focus.” It would be very easy to allow other elements such as the buttons, or the button band to become the focus of this garment. I wanted the buttonhole […]
  • Self Drafted Woven Hoodie
    Looking to make a woven hoodie, I fell in love with the Jalie Pattern 2911 Shawl Collar and Pullover Hoodie pattern. There were just two problems. One, it did not accommodate my measurements, and two it was a pattern designed for knits. Undaunted, I studied the pattern pieces. I wanted a crossover front yoke, a […]
  • Buying Knit Fabric Online
    I avoid buying fabric online. I am lucky to have half a dozen fabric stores within a days travel. But unfortunately my local fabric stores offer very limited knits. With all the amazing knit patterns available, I recently dipped my toe into the world of online fabric shopping. I must clarify that I have a […]